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About us

The principle of our production is always and timely to produce, and to supply quality, useful fresh fruits and dried fruits. The goal from the creation of our companies was the production of agricultural products - fruits, vegetables, processing of these products, filling of local markets with useful, quality agricultural products and access to international markets. And we were able to achieve our goal. During the activity, our company was able to export our products to such countries as China, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Israel, Iraq and others.


Ecologically clean products

High quality

Selected products

Direct supplier

Direct supplier without intermediaries

The main export products are dried grapes of different varieties, dried apricots of different varieties, dried prunes, a mixture of dried fruits, dried apple, dried melons, bean cultures like beans, mung beans and others.


The key of our success is the rich experience and professionalism of our employees.
Makhkulov Soli Egamberdievich

Makhkulov Soli Egamberdievich


S.Makhkulov was born on May 5, 1966 in the Urgut region of the Samarkand region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Higher education, 1988, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Tashkent Institute of National Economy. Mahkulov Soli Egamberdievich - as one of the main founders of the company, he deeply understands the current market economy, the strength of competition, supply and demand. With his many years of experience and knowledge, the correct and positive functioning of society can be ensured at any time. S.Makhkulov has been involved in entrepreneurial activities for many years, understands trade relations and has many foreign trade relations with many foreign countries. Mobile: +998981300999, +998994470797

Karaev Ilyos Alievich

Karaev Ilyos Alievich


I.Karayev was born on September 8, 1990 in the Urgut district of the Samarkand region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Has secondary special education. I.Karayev is the director of LLC HOUSEHOLD SERVIS. Distinguished by their characters as hard work, dedication, responsibility and managerial skills. Mobile: +998998180003

Egamberdiev Rakhimzhon Solievich

Egamberdiev Rakhimzhon Solievich


R. Egamberdiev was born on June 28, 1990 in the Urgut district of the Samarkand region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Has secondary special education. R. Egamberdiev is the director of ZARBDOR UNIVERSAL LOGISTIKA LLC. Despite his youth, R. Egamberdiev has already visited many leading agricultural states like Belgium, Holland, Belorussia and other states. He is responsible by nature in any sphere, hardworking, decisive, purposeful. The team enjoys well-deserved authority, friendly and sociable.R. Egamberdiev is a sales representative of our company in foreign trade relations. Mobile: +998998190007


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Tashkent Tashkent, GM Engine Plant, Tashkent Ring Road, 7a
Phones: +998981300999, +998994470797, Mon-Fri, from 09: 00-19: 00


Jizzakh ZARBDOR UNIVERSAL LOGISTIKA Jizzakh region, Zarbdor district, SSG Lalmikor
Phones: +998998180003


HOUSEHOLD SERVICE Jizzakh region, Zarbdor district, SSG Lalmikor, ul. Katta Uzbek trakti
Phones: +998998190007


URGUT AGRO-VET SERVIS Samarkand region, Urgut district, Mahalla Dustlik, st. Pochvon
Phones: +998981300999, +998994470797